Newtown Road Prayer List

General Needs

  • Ariana's Gap Year in the UK - her Gap Year is coming to an end. She will be coming home mid- July. Pray for her in her final month of ministry.

  • Marilyn Gast- asking for prayer as she is the Medical Director on WOL Island this summer

  • John K.- moved with his family to PA for his 1 yr. Radiology Fellowship; Thankfully they were able to rent out their house in Oklahoma for the year they are in PA.

  • Timothy- continued strength, health, and peace from the Lord in his final 6 weeks of incarceration.

  • Our Pastors, Elders, Church, and members

  • Our missionaries home & abroad

  • Safety for all those serving in military

  • Healing & Restoration for troubled marriages

  • Strength for those providing care for their loved ones

  • Those seeking employment

  • Salvation: Dave - Chris & Nancy - Abe - Paul & Karen- Andrew - Scott, Steven - Nina B.- Jess & Stan- Morgan- Lisa-


  • John F.- Diagnosed with melanoma in his eye.

  • Diann- brain tumor- has custody of her 14 yr old and 5 yr old grandchildren as their mother died recently. Pray treatments will shrink the tumor.

  • Addi- 7 years old- diagnosed with Leukemia - started on chemo - will need 2 1/2 years of treatments and a bone marrow transplant. Pray for strength for her and her parents through this difficult time.

  • Evelyn- liver cancer - Was started on weekly chemo treatments in February to try and shrink the tumors. Recent follow-up scans show the tumors are shrinking! She is now having chemo every other week. She & her family are thankful for all the prayers.

  • Ken W.- married with 3 children - diagnosed on May 25th with acute monocyte leukemia - had 7 days of intense chemo treatments followed up with blood transfusions - he is currently in remission, but will be closely monitored and tested for any resurgence of cancer cells. Will need another round of chemo in 3 weeks and eventually have a bone marrow transplant. Pray for protection from infections & complications as they wait. Pray he stays in remission. He was able to go home until his next round of chemo. Huge answer to prayer - his brother is a match for a bone marrow transplant!

Health Issues

  • Eliana V.- has iron deficiency - pray diet & iron supplements are successful in raising her iron levels over the next couple weeks.

  • Larry Cahrenger- had below-knee amputation - was in rehab but sent back to the hospital with more gangrene - they successfully removed all the dead tissue - thankfully he will not need an above-knee amputation. Pray for continued wound healing.

  • Harry W.- injured in a car accident - tear in his spleen is healing - Pray for healing of fractured ribs and pain management.

  • Scott C.- had hip-replacemnt surgery - pray for his recovery to go well.

  • Tara P.- seriously injured in a head-on collision with a cement truck. Had surgery on her leg, wearing a neck brace, dealing with a lot of pain. Pray for healing and recovery from her injuries.

  • Linda Woods - had knee replacement surgery on May 20th - Continue to pray for her healing & recovery. Still dealing with periods of intense pain. Pray there are no complications.