Newtown Road Prayer List

General Needs

  • Pray for Ariana as she settles in and starts her Gap Year ministry in the UK.
  • Pray for our children as they start school this week; also for those who are away at college.
  • Morgan, who was on the prayer list for a diving accident resulting in paralysis, met with Pastor Duke recently to ask spiritual questions. Pray for her salvation.
  • Chris- completed his incarceration and is home with his family - Continue to pray for his salvation
  • Brandon - incarcerated; salvation
  • Timothy - strength and peace from the Lord during his incarceration - one more year to go
  • Our Pastors, Elders, Church, and members
  • Our missionaries home & abroad
  • Safety for all those serving in military
  • Healing & Restoration for troubled marriages
  • Strength for those providing care for their loved ones
  • Those seeking employment
  • Dave - salvation
  • Chris & Nancy - salvation
  • Abe - salvation
  • Paul & Karen- salvation
  • Andrew - salvation
  • Scott, Steven - salvation
  • Nina B.- salvation
  • Jess & Stan


  • Emma P.- 7 months old- Diagnosed at 9-weeks old with an aggressive cancer in her bladder. Had surgery on 7/12 to check for the presence of any microscopic cells where the tumor was located. The frozen biopsy taken during surgery in July came back negative for cancer! Tumor is completely gone! She will still receive weekly mild chemo treatments for a year to prevent re-ocurrence of the cancer. Pray for minimal side effects. Continue to pray for her parents to have God's strength & peace, and for their salvation.
  • Esther - went home to be with the Lord on August 17th. Pray for peace & comfort for her family during this difficult time. She was the legal guardian and care provider for her disabled granddaughter.
  • Dave F.- Stent was removed. Will have some follow-up chemo treatments starting in October.
  • Kathy H.
  • Denise
  • Carl B.
  • Karalee M.
  • Faith M.
  • Jenny
  • Sean H.
  • Mike L.

Health Issues

  • John- badly burned in a house fire on 7/20 - was able to go home from the hospital several months earlier that expected. Still has a long road ahead with surgeries and healing, but is doing well. Continue to pray for his full recovery.
  • Eileen W.- had open heart, valve replacement surgery on 7/24 - Her recovery is going slow, but she is improving. Will be out of work for at least 2 more months. Continue to pray for her full recovery.
  • Shelly- Had thyroid cancer surgery last year - recently found inactive cancer spots during follow-up tests - treated with radiation - pray the spots will remain inactive
  • Dan R.- The surgery to remove the kidney stone was successful. Will need to have a follow-up procedure at a later date.
  • Linda- recovering from shingles