Newtown Road Prayer List

General Needs

  • Ariana's Gap Year in the UK - has been actively serving in her local church and in her community. Rejoicing over all God has done in her and through her since she started her gap year, and will continue to do in 2019

  • Pray for those serving in the jail ministry, for the many inmates who have heard the gospel, and for those who received the Lord.

  • Taylor P. - safety during his deployment to Africa - will be coming home in March

  • Timothy- continued strength, health, and peace from the Lord in his final 5 months of incarceration.

  • Our Pastors, Elders, Church, and members

  • Our missionaries home & abroad

  • Safety for all those serving in military

  • Healing & Restoration for troubled marriages

  • Strength for those providing care for their loved ones

  • Those seeking employment

  • Dave - salvation

  • Chris & Nancy - salvation

  • Abe - salvation

  • Paul & Karen- salvation

  • Andrew - salvation

  • Scott, Steven - salvation

  • Nina B.- salvation

  • Jess & Stan- salvation

  • Morgan- salvation


  • Laurie- non-Hodgkins lymphoma - post-chemo MRI was done January 25th. Received results from the PET scan. Brain scan was clear. There is a very small area that could be cancer. Receiving some chemo blast treatments. Continue to pray for the chemo to be effective.

  • Evelyn- liver cancer- turns out they were unable to operate as there were tumors spread throughout the liver. Was started on weekly chemo treatments to try and shrink the tumors. Pray the treatments are effective. Pray for God's will, peace, and strength for her.

Health Issues

  • Bob Wallace (Sr.) - has a rib fracture from a recent fall - pray for healing, pain management, and that he doesn't develop pneumonia. Also pray for him to regain his strength.

  • Kendall - 11 yrs. old - continues to have stomach pains and vomiting. Tests have been done, but no diagnosis. Still waiting for insurance approval to go to a doctor in Boston. Pray for insurance approvals, relief from symptoms, and for a diagnosis.

  • Lori Salisbury- Had foot surgery on Jan 25th . No weight bearing for 1 more week. Pray for her recovery and healing to continue to go well.

  • Susan Lee- Had foot surgery on February 22. Pray for her recovery and healing to go well.

  • Sharyn Hine- had knee replacement surgery on Jan. 30th. Pray for her recovery and healing to continue to go well.

  • Baby Joy- 3 months old - has been hospitalized for several weeks and receiving treatment for a very serious metabolic disorder, which has also caused some brain injury. She is on a ventilator as she is unable to breath on her own. Pray for her healing and for strength & peace for her family. No new updates at this time.