Newtown Road Prayer List

General Needs

  • Ariana's Gap Year in the UK - actively serving in her local church and in her community. Requests prayer for the kids she is building relationships with and those she has shared the gospel with. Also, pray for guidance in plans being made for the year ahead.

  • David B.- asking for prayer to find an apartment closer to church

  • Taylor P.- Safety during his deployment to Africa

  • Brandon - incarcerated; salvation

  • Timothy - strength and peace from the Lord during his incarceration - less than a year to go

  • Our Pastors, Elders, Church, and members

  • Our missionaries home & abroad

  • Safety for all those serving in military

  • Healing & Restoration for troubled marriages

  • Strength for those providing care for their loved ones

  • Those seeking employment

  • Dave - salvation

  • Chris & Nancy - salvation

  • Abe - salvation

  • Paul & Karen- salvation

  • Andrew - salvation

  • Scott, Steven - salvation

  • Nina B.- salvation

  • Jess & Stan- salvation

  • Morgan- salvation


  • Emma P.- 10 months old- Diagnosed at 9-weeks old with an aggressive cancer in her bladder. Chemo treatments were successful in fighting the tumor and she was found to be tumor-free in July. Chemo is continuing as scheduled. Continue to pray for minimal side effects. She is a very happy baby! (Check out her photo in Newtown Women on Facebook.) Continue to pray for her parents to have God's strength & peace, and for their salvation. They are so grateful for all the prayers.

  • Evelyn- diagnosed with liver cancer- thankfully it is contained within the liver. She met with a surgeon on Thursday to discuss what will happen next. Will also be having chemotherapy.

  • Laurie- recently diagnosed with a brain tumor- had surgery - turned out to be non-Hodgkins lymphoma - met with a neuro-oncologist and will receive a series of chemo treatments over a 4 month time frame - pray for successful results.

Health Issues

  • Jack C.- Has a small growth in his pancreas - had a procedure to check it out further. Praising the Lord that biopsies confirm it is not malignant! Will have follow-up doctor visits for next step info.

  • Susan R.- Had shoulder surgery Nov. 2nd. Pray for her recovery & healing to continue to go well.

  • Abe- Had surgery to remove a larger than golf-ball size stone from his kidney. Pray for his recovery to continue to go well.

  • Mary Ann- Had surgery for a broken clavicle bone. Recovery is going well. Pray for complete healing.

  • Abby- 5 years old- found to have a tumor in her leg - will be going to Boston Children's Hospital. Pray for Abby and her parents.

  • Linda L- was dealing with chronic pain in her head, neck and arm. Non-surgical treatments have been effective in giving her relief from pain and restoring movement to her neck.

  • Dave Bernard- very poor health- pray for peace for him and his family in this difficult time and pray for his comfort.