Newtown Road Prayer List

General Needs

  • Ariana's Gap Year in the UK - rejoicing in all God has done in her & through her. Pray for her and those she ministers to, and with, as she nears the end of her Gap Year. Returning home in July.

  • Pray for Frank as he is seeking truth, reading the Bible and asking spiritual questions.

  • John K.- moving with his family to PA for his 1 yr. Radiology Fellowship; Pray for God's guidance in all they need to do for this move.

  • Timothy- continued strength, health, and peace from the Lord in his final two months of incarceration.

  • Our Pastors, Elders, Church, and members

  • Our missionaries home & abroad

  • Safety for all those serving in military

  • Healing & Restoration for troubled marriages

  • Strength for those providing care for their loved ones

  • Those seeking employment

  • Dave - salvation

  • Chris & Nancy - salvation

  • Abe - salvation

  • Paul & Karen- salvation

  • Andrew - salvation

  • Scott, Steven - salvation

  • Nina B.- salvation

  • Jess & Stan- salvation

  • Morgan- salvation


  • Evelyn- liver cancer - unable to operate as there were tumors spread throughout the liver. Was started on weekly chemo treatments in February to try and shrink the tumors. Feeling better and was able to have follow-up scans - thankfully the tumors have not grown. Chemo treatments were started back up on May 7th. Continue to pray for God's will, peace, and strength for her.

  • Patty Fischer update - was diagnosed 18 months ago with stage 3+ ovarian cancer, which she miraculously survived. Had a number of doctor appointments this past month. Thankful for good results. Biopsy results for a suspicious mole that was removed came back negative for cancer! She will have her next 3-month cancer check-up in July.

Health Issues

  • Larry Cahrenger- had surgery to remove a portion of his foot on 4/10. Returned home on May 8th. Continue to pray for his healing, rehabilitation, and for him to adjust to being back home.

  • Bob Wallace (Sr.) - His health continues to improve. Working on regaining his strength. Started weekly physical therapy sessions.

  • Kendall - 11 yrs. old - continues to have stomach pains and vomiting. Received insurance approval to go to a doctor in Boston. Pray for a diagnosis and effective treatment plan. No update at this time.

  • Sharyn Hine- had knee replacement surgery on Jan. 30th. Making good progress in her recovery. Returned to work full-time on May 1st, which was difficult at first, but slowly becoming more bearable. Continue to pray for her full recovery.

  • Harrison- 8 years old - has a brain disease that currently affects his optic nerve. Receive his first 6-hour steroid infusion therapy on May 7th. Seems to have tolerated it well. He will need to have these infusions every six months. Pray the treatments are effective in keeping the disease under control.